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The Platane Story… How it all began

As you reach Rachiine, you are instantly attracted to Platane, a special spot of magnificent greenery in various types, shades and forms. The imposing Plane trees act as courteous hostesses with their magnificent branches to introduce you to even more than what you could have ever imagined.

There you are met by a haven of greenery, magnificently set in a picturesque setting typical of a divine intercession simply created to render your joyous moments even more enchanting. The historical Rachiine River/Valley and its majestic natural treasures act as a framework for the heavenly setting while the natural spring draws the most ardent of souls.

Platane is more than a venue it’s an experience where time stands still and nothing else matters. The appealing attraction to Platane is nurtured with intense emotions and love, similarly to the owner’s feelings towards it, which as he matured and grew were also growing and increasing. Since his youth years he had adopted this land, which was owned by his father Me. Ramez Khazen, as the ultimate get-away spot.

It was there, where Me. Ziad Khazen would host friends for endless hours of fun and excitement, where each would start planning for their post-graduation future, while he would think of means to transform that area into an even more enjoyable venue where more than his close circle of friends could come and join to be able to enjoy the magnificent setting and engage in the dreamlike experience.

At first, a small bungalow and a riding stadium were enough to host university friends, but with time the venue had to be enlarged since it was too selfish to be kept away from others to come and enjoy.

The magical and lasting atmosphere prevailing amongst the huge and perennial Plane trees, which are joined by their walnut and eucalyptus cousins to increasingly add a green network of heritage and vintage aura as the whispering of the waters of bordering river transpose you to the wildest of experiences.

The splendid mood prevailing along with the magnificent breeze are explicit proof of sheer exuberance and bliss that can be experienced all along the 10,570 square meters of available land, which can easily accommodate your most treasurable moments. Execution has already begun to implement plans to double the Platane area and diversify the accommodations to offer you twice the pleasure area available for your entertainment.

It is indeed an enchanted venue for any day or evening function, where you can feel transported from the daily obligations of life to the Platane moment, which is bordered by the Rachiine River and that could be accessed in an ephemeral atmosphere. The perfect image of a happy venue for all your joys and special moments could portray your unforgettable memories. Nestled in the divine lands of North Lebanon, Platane is a venue designed by God to be appreciated by Man. The picturesque scenery and endless greenery are your perfect background for an enchanted experience.

Whether celebrating a wedding, birthday, baptism, first communion or any unforgettable event, our professional staff will team with you to render your experience a memorable one. Elegance coupled with ultimate services and spectacular assistance are on offer as well.

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